We are two women committed to providing you with a sustainable and affordable brand. 

We use environmentally responsible materials and all our collections are produced ethically and locally.

We make limited units promoting slow fashion and making you feel unique with each garment.

from Rias Baixas with love

Running a business is an exciting journey, both the good and the bad. Our phrase is "sometimes you win and sometimes you learn." Everything is learning and what we are left with is the satisfaction of having done it. Never taking things for granted and always going one step further to improve.

In our case we cannot afford to dedicate eight hours of a working day to Papayan, we have to combine it with our respective jobs, only then can we make this dream of bikinis a reality.

Papayan could only exist thanks to our family, friends and all the people who have contributed their small grain of sand. Thank you.

Also thanks to you, Papayita for being part of this adventure.

Unique prints

In addition to our bikinis, we design patterns for fabrics printed with water-based inks. The combination of a recycled polyester fabric together with a process whose waste is minimal and also 100% recyclable makes our printing technology the most respectful with the environment that currently exists.

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